About Us

Learning at WMCC

boy tracing a geometric shape

Our Goal 

Wellsboro Montessori Children's Center is a nonprofit, non-sectarian, preschool/daycare that provides a loving and stimulating environment where children can develop to their full potential socially, emotionally, intellectually, and creatively.  We seek to provide enriching and nurturing experiences which nourish the young child's natural joy of learning and enhance the development of self-awareness and a positive self image.  We believe that positive experiences in early childhood provide the basis for confidence and success later on in school and in life.

Our Classrooms

We respect children as different from adults and as individuals who differ from each other.

We believe that each child possesses an unusual sensitivity and intellectual ability to absorb and learn from his or her environment.

We believe the most important years of a child's growth are the first six years when unconscious learning is gradually brought to the conscious level.

We provide a carefully prepared environment: one designed to lead the child from the simple to the complex and from concrete perceptions to abstract thinking.

Our materials are neatly and attractively arranged on shelves and are carefully sequenced from the easy to the more difficult.  A wealth of activities is provided to accommodate the varying skill levels.

Our staff provides help and direction when needed, but he or she remains in the background, allowing each child to freely explore his or her chosen activities.  Many of the materials are self-correcting, allowing the child to experience success as well as independence.

Our school serves children ranging in age from two months to five years with a summer and after school program for children up to twelve years old.  Our enrollment comes from a wide geographical area in Tioga County and from diverse educational and economic backgrounds.

For over 30 years Wellsboro Montessori Children's Center has been providing children with a quality education.